Who can help you with your house planning?

Who can help you with your house planning?Designing a house or a villa can save or waste a lot of money. A careless and unclear design automatically leads to high costs of implementation, mistakes, lack of ergonomics, or an unfriendly look.

A good design, thought, with many details, views, pictures, sections, material lists will sure enough lead to low cost of implementation and the beneficiaries will not be surprised to realize at some point that their house is not what they wanted.

From the point of view of the careful beneficiary to stay within the budget and get the house he wants, here are some of the secrets behind a design:

A detailed brief

You already know what you want to build. When you have decided on buying versus building you thought much about it (if you do not start with this decision, for whatever reason, exercise this chapter because it is very important to have a clear idea of the final goal).

Use all the details that you have thought to make a set of specifications (brief) for the architect. The brief must be extremely clear and detailed. Tell as much as you can and be as specific as possible. It is necessary to include the following:

• 4-5 reasons that determined you to build your home.
• Number of family members
• You have or mot four-legged co-residents
• hobbies that require a certain area or a certain light
• work schedule and family life
• what changes may occur in the future in your life style (children, etc)
• the number of cars and your opinion on the need for a garage
• your age
• If you have many friends who are all day around you should tell the architect.
• How many rooms you need
• How many bathrooms you need
• About how much money you are willing to invest
• What kind of projects do you expect from him (architectural, structural, plumbing, interior design, landscaping, RCP, documentation for planning certificate, building permit, 3D photos, etc.)

Give this written brief to the architect and discuss it with him at least an hour. Otherwise he will not have to guess what you want and you will not have any reason to refuse his work, if after you informed him in detail on your wishes he comes up with who knows what “marvel”.

Do not skimp

Do not think that a quality project will cost less or be ready in two weeks. Good things are hard to gain. If you measure 2 times and cut once will cost less and everything will be done in less time. If you think and choose an untrained or uninterested architect you save a few hundreds in design and lose tens of thousands to execution or sale.

Team up with the designers

Whether or not the architect tells you he is not just the coordinator of things. Behind him are specialists in structures, facilities, etc. It is best to meet with each of them and have a little brief on each specialty.

Only so you make sure you know what you want from them and you can say no if you feel they do not respond to your needs and also help them transform your project into something meant for the happiness of the people and not some ordinary paper with a stamp .Remember that it is beneficial if you manage to have a serious relationship but at the same time friendly with them.

In order to offer a helping hand to the public in such occasions Plansarchi.com was created in an attempt to come up with quality design at reasonable prices.

Planning to make talent in architectural design, known world – wide, be prepared for the Plansarchi launch of a multi-language site. Our portfolio will cover plans for all desires and budgets, so you might take a closer look: www.plansarchi.com.

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