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Building resistance: a landmark in buying buildings

Building resistance: a landmark in buying buildings When you prepare for buying buidings (an apartment or a house), the moment you start analyzing real estate offers you must take into account the age of the building and the impact of earthquakes risk.

When we start a real estate search, we can choose from the beginning a new neighborhood or relatively recent one. There were different styles of construction depending on the period, and entire block neighborhoods were built in a year or two in the communist period. Therefore, at a simple walk through our major cities, we can see that there are whole areas of blocks with 4 floors and blocks with 8 floors built after the same model in 86-89.

In general, the year of construction of the building is listed in the major headings of any real estate ad. If you want to buy an apartment in an old building, check this year, and ask if it is listed or not among buildings with seismic risk. A particular group of blocks are those that have recently benefited or will benefit from rehabilitation regarding facilities and thermal rehabilitation.

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