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Heating things up in your car

Heating things up in your carYou get out of the house  and the cold outside hits you directly in your face. So, you cannot wait to get in the car to warm up, but often your car seeems to heat things up pretty hard. This article is meant to give you some tips on heating  things up faster in your car’s cockpit. How does exactly the heating system inside the car works?

The internal combustion engine, both diesel and the petrol produces heat and works best when it is hot, around 90 degrees C. The coolant is moved by water pump (which is usually driven by  the distribution or transmission belt).

The temperature of the coolant is regulated by the thermostat. It opens and closes around 97 degrees Celsius (having specific differences in each car model). When the thermostat is closed,the water in the engine performs only the small circuit: goes through the engine and through the heating radiator into the passenger compartment.

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