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How to have fun in Crawley?

How to have fun in Crawley?
Crawley is a town in the West Sussex county, England. It has a population of 106.597. So far, so good. Maybe you didn’t hear much about Crawley as a foreign tourist, but it’s time to take it into consideration.

Gatwick Airport, one of the busiest airports in the UK is at 5 km from Crawley, so if you want to transfer to London from here, you can hire a taxi from 365, a trustowrthy operator that makes transfers to London Gatwick .

Crawley is a relatively small town but it has a rich history, for it has been inhabited since the Stone Age and it was a very important location of ironcrafting in the Roman Empire. Because it is located on the main road that travels London to Brighton, Crawley is also known for its coaching inns.

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