100.000 copies on hour? Just a challenge for a Lithoman printing press!

100.000 copies on hour? Just a challenge for a Lithoman printing press!The industrial printing process can give you some time headaches, especially when the consumables are not working as they should.

From time to time they may need some replacements, and for that you can either look in the stores to buy some new ones, or you can buy them at second hand from a profile market. When it comes to the printing area, well the used printing presses are a great method of equipping your workshop, as well as being a money saver for your business.

Now, if you want a printing press that can speed up your printing process, and if we talk about the industrial environment, let’s all see a giant in this area, coming from the specialist from Man Roland. A Man Roland Lithoman printing press can make up to 100.000 copies per hour.

That is huge! Even if you find it on the new products list of sales, or on the sale market of used printing presses like this market here http://usedpresses.org/used-printing-presses/  , those equipments are the best in their class.

This printing press has a modular structure, being able to print fast, very fast, so that the production not to register any dead times. Also, those products benefit from high flexibility, and they are conceived for special types of formats, starting from the smaller ones all the way to the biggest ones.

If the automation occured in our life without warning, well the specialist from Man Roland gave us a clue about what will they do in order to surprise us. 15 meter per second? Is it too much? Or not? This is the web speed with which the Man Roland Lithoman printing press can pull out from printing from a roll.

We think that this is more than enough. Just a few printing presses may have the same qualities. And those are in the top 10 printing presses of the world, following the range of products that we are talking about. Want some names to prove that? You might want to search on the Internet the following products: the Mitsubishi Diamondstar press, the KBA Compacta X Press or the Goss 3000 Sunday Press.

The Man Roland Lithoman presses are intended to the commercial use. They need a lot of space due to the fact that they are composed by a lot of subunits, each one of them making something else. Regarding the high volume printing, this equipment is the best that could be done so far in this area. The products are well known, and can be easily found.

For finding a printer on an used printing machines market it will need some efforts. Research efforts. But in the end, you will find out that this is the best tool that you can benefit in order to have a great office and to have all the equipment needed. Many people had ask on forums if a profile market can bring some advantages. We are saying that this is true. Not just because here you can find a large area of products, but because they are already checked and safe.

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