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Reptilians rule the world? Conspiracy theorists believe that!

Reptilians rule the worldReptilians is one of the most bizarre and controversial civilizations that could ever live on Earth. Conspiracy theorists say that they really existed, and even had a major importance in the development of humanoid civilization on the planet. Reptilians are considered an alien race of humanoid and reptilian features that would have existed on the planet sometime in the past and have become important resources for science fiction literature, ufology and conspiracy theories as we know.

If generaly reptilians on Earth remain fairy tale sf, physical possibility of their existence on our planet was supported by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who popularized proponent of the idea that reptilians have the ability to turn into humans to control shadows of people worldwide taking people appearance. This way, they would be raised in power, obtaining important places in world politics, so that they can fully manipulate the entire human civilization. Icke has completed many times that many of the leaders of the world economy and politics are often reptilians or possessed by reptilian, trying to lead the human race and manipulate at will.

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