Why you should build a wooden house?

Why you should build a wooden house?Wooden houses, sold at http://ecokitfrance.com/, have certain advantages over the constructions made of other materials, such as brick and concrete. Wooden houses are more durable than others when exposed to earthquakes and storms.

Their price is another advantage which should be taken into consideration when one tries to make comparisons between different types of materials.

Houses built by Ekokitfrance.com are durable and sturdy enouh to resist to extreme conditions, in all seasons, wherever they are built. In some countries (USA, Canada etc.) and on many continents, most homes are made of wood, concrete constructions being rare in such states. On the other hand, constructors use steel when they have a very complex and expensive project.

Wooden houses are faster to build than aother types of constructions. When you plan to build your own home you have to think about the climate in your region because some materials you want to use might not be the best choice for your project. Wood is a resilient materials which can be successfully used for a wide range of homes.

In countries in which woods are prevalent, this type of house is always the best choice because the main material to be used is the cheapest. Moreover, timber is easy to create as well and, generaly speaking, the foundation is easy to make on any type of ground for such a house. Wood is a very good insulator and it protects the inhabitants of the house in any season. Thanks to it, energy consumption is low, if we compare it with concrete or brick.

By using wood, the project you have can be more versatile and you can change some details and the design of your dreamhouse. Wooden house will always be environmentally friendly because the main material does not involve the use of pollutants in the productions process and can absorb the CO2 from the environment.  In comparison to other materials, wood does not emit dangerous substances which can affect people’s health.

Wooden houses can be prefabricated and assembled on site, thus reducing the costs involved in the construction process. Beacause wood is not as heavy as bricks or concrete, the foundation of a wooden house is cheaper because the quantity of necessary material for the foundation is lower.

If a prefabricated house has 15 cm thick walls this is equivalent to a thickness of a 30 cm brick wall from the point of view of the energy consumption.

Wooden houses are preferred  in many countries across the globe, and they have been used for thousands of years. A wooden house can last for several generations if the wood is treated with the appropiate substances from time to time. If a wooden house is not repaired when necessary, its resistance is weakened in time.

There is also the danger of an attack from biological organisms, such as different types of insects and fungi. But if it is treated with insecticides and antiseptics, the wood will maintain its original properties for a long period of time.

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