Your Different Green Energy Options

Your Different Green Energy OptionsThere are many different types of green energy you could invest in. Keep reading if you are interested in green energy and want to learn more about your different options.

Solar panels are a very popular option because they are relatively affordable and very efficient. Keep in mind that solar panels work best if you are located in a very sunny area. Even a few clouds in the sky or a few shadows on your property could have a significant impact on the amount of energy you can produce.

If possible, find neighbors who have solar panels to find out how much energy they are able to produce. Take the time to compare different products and keep in mind that newer technologies are more efficient even though they are more expensive.

Wind power is your best option if you live near a lake or an ocean. You need winds of at least ten miles per hour to produce enough power for your home. If you cannot count on almost constant winds, you might not be able to power your home. There are several sizes and models of wind turbines available but the best option for homeowners is usually a small vertical wind turbine that can be mounted on your roof.

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This maximizes exposure to the wind and does not take any space on your property. Do not hesitate to invest in a wind turbine that is more powerful than needed, so you can sell some of the power you produce to your local energy provider.

Hydraulic energy is a very efficient way of producing electricity, but it is only available if there is some running water on your property. You should not count on hydraulic power if the water freezes during the winter. You simply need to install a small mill on the stream and connect it to a dynamo.

Hydraulic systems are very easy to build by yourself, but it is best to hire a professional contractor who has plenty of experience with these systems. Take the time to figure out how much energy you will be able to produce before you build your hydraulic system. You simply need to measure the strength of the current, and apply a mathematical formula to figure out the amount of energy you will be able to produce.

Geothermal energy is the cheapest way to power your home on the long term. However, a geothermal system is a very important initial investment. This form of green energy is an option only if your home is built above a geothermal source. It is actually best to build an empty property located above a geothermal source and have your home built on top of the source. The geothermal system is located under your home and pumps the energy from underground. You will not have to spend anything on energy bills as long as you live in this home.

You should do more research to find out what kind of resources are available in your area. If there are not enough natural resources in your area, consider buying green energy directly from your energy provider.

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