How to have fun in Crawley?

How to have fun in Crawley?
Crawley is a town in the West Sussex county, England. It has a population of 106.597. So far, so good. Maybe you didn’t hear much about Crawley as a foreign tourist, but it’s time to take it into consideration.

Gatwick Airport, one of the busiest airports in the UK is at 5 km from Crawley, so if you want to transfer to London from here, you can hire a taxi from 365, a trustowrthy operator that makes transfers to London Gatwick .

Crawley is a relatively small town but it has a rich history, for it has been inhabited since the Stone Age and it was a very important location of ironcrafting in the Roman Empire. Because it is located on the main road that travels London to Brighton, Crawley is also known for its coaching inns.

But what can you do to have fun if you’re visiting Crawley? Check out the following tips we have for you!

Go out and do a running session in Tilgate

OK, maybe it’s not fun if you’re a couch potato but the 5 km race around Tilgate Park is very popular. Everybody is timed so you can complete the circuit in your rhythm. At the finish line you will either be full of energy and have a great start of the day or you will just collapse on your sofa and sleep. But it’s going to worth it, the Crawley people guarantee it!

Test your climbing skills

The biggest sports centre in Crawley has a 12 metre climbing wall that awaits you to conquer it. You will be provided with a harness and rope and you’ll also be assisted by an instructor that can give you tips and hypes!

Have a drink in a Crawley pub

Pubs are the place to be if you want to take the pulse or feel the vibe of the local community. We recommend you The Charcoal Burner, Three Bridges, The Black Dog and many more. It would be better for you to not visit them in one night, but if you accept this challenge, make sure you also include the next activity in your program!

Have a kebab at Troy’s after a drinking night

We cannot give you an argument for that, but kebabs taste so much better after a few drinks. Troy’s is a kebab joint in the High Street that locals rely on after a night out. Besides the good taste of their kebabs, a really nice experience is made out of the conversations that are carried out in the waiting line. Very much alive, anyone would say!

Attend the Gordon Skeggs DJ events

Gordon Skeggs has been Crawley’s legendary DJ for 40 years. He was just 17 years old when he started his career and now it is the most popular DJ in the area. You can see him performing at Lb1 in Gales Drive, every Friday, and at Legends on High Street, every Tuesday.

Go to Bar 7 for a burlesque show

Bar 7 is a gay dedicated bar in Crawley (in fact, the only one), but people of all sexual orientations go there for the cross dressing cabaret nights and the outrageous drag shows. Beware, you will need to let your inhibitions at home before goind to Bar 7!

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