Is such a thing possible: maximum quality at minimum costs

Is such a thing possible: maximum quality at minimum costs
In the current economic context, the key word is the optimization of production and cost efficiency, so as to obtain maximum quality with minimum production costs. To turn this dream into reality, engineers have designed and produced large-scale solutions regarding a wide range of offset presses.

Why invest in a new printing machine when you can have the manufacturing facilities and quality control specific to brand new presses for existing presses. It’s like doing a <tunning> of the press – with a minimum investment, amortized in only 2-3 months, you get better performance from both points of view: quality and quantity.

There are solutions which improve production and quality performance of existing offset presses regardless of their type and model. These solutions can be used for almost all offset flat presses and rotary presses, ranging from the older generation to the latest generation (eg Heidelberg CP2000). 

The performance of all types of presses Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland etc can be improved that way. The most important thing is that the results are visible after only a month of installation. Of course there are suppliers of such solutions, which offer a demo test for one month.

For example take one of the KBA machines have it refurbished and with the right upgrades it will give you the same quality and performance as a new one. You can find used KBA printing machines for sale everywhere even on line, but be careful where you look! That is why when choosing a used press we recommend special websites dealing in this market segment and if you aim at your best, than is the best place to start.

It is a fact that KBA’s customers are highly demanding. They expect that quality of the products remain at the highest possible level regardless of the press being old or new. In printing machines reliability plays one of the most important roles.

Owning a reliable printing machine it is always an advantage for anybody working in the printing industry. To improve reliability, pay attention to the nature of your upgrades. To guarantee the same high quality standard, original parts should be used, otherwise you might find yourself in the most unpleasant situations. To avoid that make sure that the used machinery you invest in has the same ISO accreditation.

It does not matter for what type of application you need the KBA printing machine, there are enough models to cover the most various areas, starting from flat printing applications to packaging industry applications and decorating metal products. Perhaps the most famous KBA machines are the ones meant for sheet fed offset (Rapida models being mostly known among customers) which can print in all formats: normal, large and extra-large.

All KBA products were manufactured or upgraded at some point in order to make the best out of any type of printing experience. So, finally maximum quality at minimum costs it has become a reality and yes it is worth to invest in a used machine and play with upgrades  for it will save you money!

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