Digital catalogues versus printed catalogues

Digital catalogues versus printed cataloguesIn any business the way you look in front of your clients is very important for the future development and also for maintaining the good image that you had so far.

Still, along with the technology development, it is pretty hard to stay on top using the traditional way, and that lead us to an issue that may make the difference for your business. What shall we use? A printed catalogue or a digital one, in order to show your customers the desired products?

Indulge us and let’s make together an imagination exercise and let’s consider the following. Suppose that you are a developer in the construction area. You might sell, let’s say… construction machines and equipment: excavators, cranes and platforms. In a logical way, you will not keep these machines in your own back yard. Some would be available on stock, and so will need to be brought from the company that you are buying from.

Now, let’s imagine that you are on a construction site, with your tablet, and you want to convince a customer to buy your machines. The Internet is for real a priceless tool, but it has its own deficiencies and from time to time its limitations. In some areas it may or it may not work. The laptop or the tablet may have some defections, so you may not be able to fix them in time. Or the smart phone may not show some images that you need because those are not mobile optimised.

In either case you may position yourself the problems may occure. Time is money, everybody knows that and a potential customer will not wait for your devices to work. In this case, it is better to have with you a printed catalogue of your company products. In this way you can prevent some awkward moments that may appear, and you may advertise your business properly, as you should do it.

Some deny the importance of a printed catalogue, but when the situation imposes it, those products become vital for a business. It is very important to advertise your business by using every method: Internet, Adwords, SEO optimisation, clients from databases, but almost the same importance must be shown to the advertising that it is made face to face.

Now, for that, you must find some printing companies that can make you the best catalogues for your business. You will not be able to show to your customer the machines in their natural size, but  at least you will be able not to be embarrassed by a power outage or any other problem that may appear on the way.

A printing company can easily be founded by only searching on the Internet. Some, of course, are better than the rest. For the best printing companies on the market you should find the best developers in this area. The most informed website in which concerns the databases that contain information about the printing companies worldwide is

Here you may find companies from all over the world, even from the most unexpected countries like this one: The process is not hard and having the specialists around you, you will be able to promote your business both by the classical way, and also using the benefits of technology.

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