Building resistance: a landmark in buying buildings

Building resistance: a landmark in buying buildings When you prepare for buying buidings (an apartment or a house), the moment you start analyzing real estate offers you must take into account the age of the building and the impact of earthquakes risk.

When we start a real estate search, we can choose from the beginning a new neighborhood or relatively recent one. There were different styles of construction depending on the period, and entire block neighborhoods were built in a year or two in the communist period. Therefore, at a simple walk through our major cities, we can see that there are whole areas of blocks with 4 floors and blocks with 8 floors built after the same model in 86-89.

In general, the year of construction of the building is listed in the major headings of any real estate ad. If you want to buy an apartment in an old building, check this year, and ask if it is listed or not among buildings with seismic risk. A particular group of blocks are those that have recently benefited or will benefit from rehabilitation regarding facilities and thermal rehabilitation.

Regarding new buildings and residential neighborhoods, their manufacturers are required to comply with current legislation in the construction industry, including seismic safety standards. These regulations are currently very severe and well developed. However, you should try to learn more about the manufacturer if indeed these rules were followed.

The appeal of newly built blocks is undeniable over those built in the communist period. Buildings enjoy vivid colors, the entrance is welcoming, elevators are equipped with automatic doors and apartments smell like “new”. But in order to avoid a fair face, foul heart , draws your attention to a few items that you should not miss when you want to buy a home in a newly-built block.

Residential projects in recent years have shown customers looking for a new home that they can buy high quality housing with money that they would give for an apartment located in a 30 years old block. In general, new buildings are better insulated, surface is more generous, systems and plumbing give the illusion that they will not require any repair for many years to come.

But yet there are cases in which notoriously enthusiastic customers have paid significant amounts for an apartment full of “surprises” ( surprises that were far away from the actual meaning of the word), so there are some issues that a buyer must verify:  the developer and manufacturer reputation, quality of other previous projects or satisfaction of tenants who have already moved.

Before you invest in a building, think also of it as a long lasting, if not a life-time project, taking into account the year of construction, how construction was raised and structural strength. Only this way you can tell if the investment is worthy of your effort.

After familiarizing yourself with such aspects, if your decision still stands, try to look for buying buildings ads in specialized media and in order to do that we strongly recommend: . Here you can find beside ads, opinions and  professional advice to help you in everything related to buying buildings.

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