Reptilians rule the world? Conspiracy theorists believe that!

Reptilians rule the worldReptilians is one of the most bizarre and controversial civilizations that could ever live on Earth. Conspiracy theorists say that they really existed, and even had a major importance in the development of humanoid civilization on the planet. Reptilians are considered an alien race of humanoid and reptilian features that would have existed on the planet sometime in the past and have become important resources for science fiction literature, ufology and conspiracy theories as we know.

If generaly reptilians on Earth remain fairy tale sf, physical possibility of their existence on our planet was supported by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who popularized proponent of the idea that reptilians have the ability to turn into humans to control shadows of people worldwide taking people appearance. This way, they would be raised in power, obtaining important places in world politics, so that they can fully manipulate the entire human civilization. Icke has completed many times that many of the leaders of the world economy and politics are often reptilians or possessed by reptilian, trying to lead the human race and manipulate at will.

Conspiracy theories

Reptilians on Earth became shortly after Icke’s theories real stars, the shadow conspiracy control of an alien race becoming a solution to many conspiracy. This theory was further amplified, considering even the reptilians would have their own size, one parallel to that of humans, making it very easy to shift their human dimension. Reptilians would have infiltrated various government structures, taking the form of people to not be discovered by them.

Real appearance of this breed should be extremely ugly, hideous even showing a body covered with large scales and strong and largely resembling reptiles they bring the name. These aliens would also be extremely violent in the first instance because they have an enormous satisfaction subjugation of other races and civilizations. For most, they are considered parasites that feed on the resources they lead authoritarian and totalitarian.
Origin myth of reptilians

Reptilians might been on Earth since ancient times, the story of them being much older than David Icke’s idea. It is believed that in the writings of ancient Indian Sanskrit or Mayan presents different signs of the existence of people who have a reptile appearance. In addition, in some ancient manuscripts of different civilizations, it mentions the name of Belial, the king of darkness that have come to Earth to enslave all mankind. This dark character who is thought to be demon has a look like reptiles, with the head of a snake and lizard states.

In general the reptilians story is considered a fairy tale, but there is physical evidence that raises different questions for conspiracy theorists. Such evidence was found in the Ubaid culture – the period between 5300 and 4100 BC – In the area of Mesopotamia, where statues were found similar to the description of strange reptilian humanoids. These statues are 5000 years old and shows the appearance of lizard people who have been raised to the position of deities in the bosom of humanity and beyond.

These possible evidence raises real questions for researchers and helps the conspiracy theorists who use these possible evidence to speculate. Scientists can not explain scientifically how it was possible existence of strange statues from Ubaid era, but their creation is not in any way attributed to aliens.

Whether they exist or not, reptilians on Earth remained a real trend among followers of the paranormal and ufology, featuring all sorts of legends, stories and possible theories of existence and their influence on mankind. But the truth will not be known for quite a while, which makes the movie studios use of original and popular idea in the first place in the 80 and secondly in 2000 to create the science fiction series where reptilians became alien beings who conquered mankind by deception, mirage save and terror.

Concrete answers delay to occur and humanity largely believe reptilians remains an interesting story or a metaphor, while few conspiracy theorists believe the reptilian threat is closer than ever!

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